2015 Sunset

As the year 2015 quickly comes to an end, I sit back to reflect on everything I’ve personally learned this past year. From lack of hope to abundantly living, I have gained a whole new understanding of this world we live in. You guessed it, not everyone is going to be a friend. Most likely,  acquaintances will volunteer to be an enemy before they even think about lending a hand. It’s just how things work around here. As my heart breaks every time I think about how cold hardened hearts can be…I think about how many acts can change that. How gracious and generous acts of kindness can really unlock another human’s soul. Think about it, the way doors can be held open at the grocery store or a simple 2 dollar coffee can be bought for a stranger at Tim Hortons.

Love is limitless.

As I look back at the year 2015, I think about how many chances I had to do those exact things. Some I feel greatly about but others I could have given that extra touch. Ever think about the lives changed by a simple action? Whether it be good or bad, embrace that yesterday was then, today is now. Live a life worth living.




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