It’s the 1st day of the new year. You have to complete your first new years resolution workout then head to a 9 hour work day. You grab your new Nike frees (that you specifically got for this purpose), fit into your snug Lululemon leggings, and throw on a Detroit Tigers logo fitted T-shirt. You’re ready to accomplish your goals. As your start your car several questions run through your mind such as, “How many people are going to be there?”, “Am I going to have enough time to get ready for work?”, “People are probably going to look at me like I don’t know what I’m doing…I mean, look at me.”

Hang with me…

You keep driving because lets face it, you didn’t wake up at 5am on a Monday morning NOT go. After shoving your belongings in a locker, finding the perfect playlist, and decide which machine you’re going to use you question as to how you’re going to survive. “How will I be able to workout for an hour? Let alone 30 minutes of cardio?!”

5 minutes pass…”I LOVE this workout mix…I’m feeling GREAT!”

15 minutes later…”Okay, I’m starting to sweat. This is normal right?!”

25 minutes…”Lord, Jesus, get me through this…I can’t take 1 more minute!”

As you’re fighting against every aching muscle in your body you say to yourself “Mind over matter”. What else is going to get you through this suffering?

The last 5 minutes slowly approach…

Ah, at last! You fulfilled your first cardio session feeling all-powerful. As you slow down the treadmill and grab that refreshing bottle of water you’ve been desiring to drink for the past hour you then pat yourself on the back. Good job. “I can do anything I put my mind to!” Mind over matter.

This is exactly how we need to think for an abundant christian life. What exactly do I mean by that? The devil/satan/lucifer likes to target those who he feels he can devour. One thing he loves to do is make people feel worthless with negativity. He will do anything to brainwash you. He will tell you things to make you feel as if you’re not deserving or good enough. He will consume your thoughts with nothing but negativity. Correct, that’s what he’s best at. Until you get out of your own way and say enough is enough, mind over matter! Satan be gone in Jesus name. Next time you catch yourself with any doubt or negativity remind yourself that God knew you before you were in the womb. God even sent His one and ONLY son (back then a son was a GREAT blessing) to earth so that He would suffer on the cross as a human offering for your sins. God knew what He was doing over 2,000 years ago. God knows every single one of His creations by name and number of hairs on their head. God is more intelligent than any professor from Harvard or scientist to ever walk on this planet. Think about it. Once you rely on his understanding instead of your own, you will slowly realize that you’re not thinking negative anymore!

Just as if you’re leaving that gym feeling ecstatic about your accomplishment, live your life with assurance knowing that God will come through to you and that blessing, just like the feeling of your endurance workout, will thank you for being so patient and faithful in the Lord. You will receive that blessing far more than you ever imagined. Hang in there, you’re THAT CLOSE to a blessing specifically designed for you.

Positive mind=Positive life.


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