Jesus is My Bachelor

Good morning y’all!

Whether you’re at work, in school, at a doctor appointment, getting ready for the gym, or heading on vacation, know that God is with you! I woke up this morning with a desire to share with you guys my interpretation of love.

Last night, I was at my best friend’s house watching the bachelor. If you haven’t heard of it, look it up for the sake of this blog post. It’s not the greatest show to say the least…especially if you’re a teenager seeking for the value of love in a significant other. Their definition of “love” is something that doesn’t even cut the surface of the true love that is found in Jesus Christ. As I watched the show, I couldn’t help but feel hurt for each girl who claimed they were “in love” with Ben (the bachelor). Given they only have about a month to fall in love and get married. Then, it dawned on me. What if every woman in the world loved Jesus as much as they loved a man on earth? or even more? What if women decided to put aside their own feelings to realize there’s a man who loved them before their own earthly fatherImagine that.

“Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” 1 John 4:8

As a young woman I have realized, in order to find true love in a man, you have to find true love in Christ. I have also learned throughout the years, no one is going to be there for you like Jesus is. He desires a relationship with you, regardless of your past and your mistakes. He does not judge you, yet he forgives you. He builds you stronger and stronger as each day passes. He also holds you in his hand, He knows that plans for you! Who wouldn’t want to lean on a man like that?! Come on, He’s perfect. Although I could talk about this for days on end and the divine fact that the Holy Spirit will fill you because of this love…God’s love is endless and eternal. For all of you mature christians out there…lets be real with one another…we will not have husbands in heaven.

Think back to all of those characteristics in Jesus. Imagine an earthly man like that. Find a man who compliments your heart…not your figure. With that alone I can honestly say I am in love with Jesus Christ.




10 thoughts on “Jesus is My Bachelor

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    Second Featured Blog for the week: Barbie’s Blog

    This is for the ladies who look at love in a distorted and unhealthy way. This blogger has many good points about who God is versus how we look at our husbands. Jesus will always be our husband, no matter you are married or single.


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