Phone Off, Live On.

Today I decided to do things differently. Instead of studying at the local library I went to Starbucks. Every week I have to complete an online discussion board post for my class. The question of the week is “How has technology affected social interaction in society?”. I thought this was an awesome question considering the fact I’ve recently been putting my cell phone down more throughout my day.

Smart phones have taken over society. I stopped at Dairy Queen with my friends the other day. I couldn’t help but notice every teenager in the room was occupied in their cell phone. We’re they texting/”snap chatting” each other? They had to be because no one was talking yet they were laughing with one another. This caught my attention so much that I forgot what kind of ice cream to order. Do we use our cell phones so much that we aren’t aware of the moments happening in front of us? Do we sit at home on social media instead of social interaction with one another? 

I wanted to experiment my thoughts a little bit…I stopped taking my cell phone with me to the store, my friends house, at school, and at work. I noticed I engaged in more conversations in real life than I would if I was one my cell phone and to be honest, more people approached me engaging in a conversation! Lets admit it, sometimes we go on our cell phones to avoid social interaction in the first place. Even if someone isn’t texting you. I’m guilty of it, I get it. What is the point of that? Do we benefit our lives from using a cell phone? 

Bottom line, technology is addicting. I can confess this. Get out, enjoy the fresh air and the people around you! God brought those people in your path for a reason. Embrace it!




10 thoughts on “Phone Off, Live On.

  1. UniqueStyleCreates

    I’ve noticed that our cell phone does consume our life. I am learning to put my phone down when I am out with others. Kids today communicate through their phone rather than person to person. My hope is that they will learn the importance of human interaction face to face instead of phone to phone. Thank you for posting.

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    • Barbie

      Same here! As a woman in her early 20’s, I grew up playing on computers when I was about 15. talking to friends on the Internet after school… I would be on there for hours without even realizing it!


  2. Agostino

    Yes, yes, and yes. This is a great post!

    Growing up in the days when video games were in their infancy and cell phones were reserved for the very rich (and looked like two-ton bricks with an antenna!), it feels like a totally different world today when people bury themselves in their phones.

    Of course let’s look at the flip side of that (and I’m going on a little bit of a tangent here). Human interaction can be a good thing, but there’s a lot of human interaction that isn’t. Could be dealing with people with tendencies to be whiny or emotionally needy, people who can never admit they’re wrong, and so forth. People who can be a massive force for good but for some reason ended up broken inside. We’ve all encountered at least one person like that, and even with good intentions they can be difficult or emotionally draining to deal with.

    Enter technology. It’s the ultimate connection to people we want to deal with and escape from people we don’t. I think you’re onto something when you say we go to our phones to avoid social interaction, and there’s solace to be found in that (selective) avoidance. Likewise, I like to believe it’s through selectively putting down the phone and interacting with certain personality types that we develop the skill-set to deal with them. On the bright side, it doesn’t mean we need to put down the phone all the time. 🙂


  3. Mariya

    I’ve really wanted to stop using my phone so much! I’ve left it in my room for hours or even an entire day, and those days are always much better! I’m not sure why I don’t have the self control to do that every day or just enjoy the day with my phone in my pocket. When I have it, it’s in my hand! It’s so crazy how addicted we are.

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  4. psichomofo

    I tried the phone off thing and was quickly reminded by our Lord and Savior, that I was given a phone for a reason, I had people to uplift and encourage. I have people who need to be kept in the will of God . Can’t do that when you are states and continents away through Osmosis. LOL.


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