Sunday Morning 

Today is the day the Lord has made! Let us rejoice and be glad in it! I have a hard time on Sunday’s to enjoy my day because the thought of work on Monday is dreadful. I’m working on myself to enjoy every single moment Jesus has for me regardless of my health and emotional conditions. I’ve started to stop and think about how God, the creator of the world, placed me where I am for a specific reason. I might not want to go to work everyday but God is using my best abilities to glorify His kingdom. I choose to work for the Lord, not for man. I choose to be happy. We can’t reverse time and relive yesterday. I will experience the joys of today knowing that I am serving you, Lord.

Ecclesiastes 3:22


4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning 

  1. j8w7

    Would you please tell other bloggers about my blog, Dream In Music, please? I have just looked at my stats and one box says, “No search terms recorded”, and I really do need all of the search terms, as well as the stats, that I very much need! Thank you so very much!-JW 😁


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