My Life Is Changed

Shortly after I wrote “You Are Not Alone” my life has changed drastically. God stripped all of my friends who seemed to be good for me out of my life for good. God shook me and stirred a new life before my eyes. Before I skip details I want to share with you everything He has done for me in the past month…This part of my testimony is incredible. I have learned a deeper meaning of the love God has for every one of His children. God’s love is beyond anything we can EVER imagine. Regardless of the sin in our lives, He forgives and renews our souls. We will FOREVER be His child. We are FOREVER saved. FOREVER written in the lamb’s book of life. Ready to be mind blown? Okay…hold on tight!

Before I tell you the story there is a lot of background information that you need to know. I was at a low in my life of 2 years living in sin full of drugs, sex, and alcohol. I was blessed with an amazing job, my dream car, and a successful school year. In November 2015, one of the partners I had claimed I gave him an STD. After being torn apart I heard the Lord tell me “Barbara, You’re hurting me.” I cried not only for the fact I was hearing something I thought I’d never heard but not only was I torn because I was a virgin 2 years before this event but I had ultimately broke the promise I made to my first love, Jesus. I went to the doctor torn apart and got tested. Turns out I never had the disease…the boy I was with just wanted to get rid of me. Shortly after I prayed for the Lord to bring a man into my life who loved God as much as I did.

In December, 2015, I became friends with a man named Nick. A man who was in love with the Holy spirit. Someone who spent most of his time devoting himself in the word and spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. A man who I shared a spiritual connection with. He became my best friend and eventually more than that…so I thought.

In March, Nick met a girl named Meghan. He brought up how I should meet her. How we would definitely get along. How we would be best friends. How we have a lot in common. Now my friend Nick lives about 4 hours away…this is where he met Meghan.

As time went on Nick and Meghan became closer and closer. Although I knew in my heart that they had a deep spiritual connection as did I with Nick…Nick always claimed that she was just a great friend of his. He claimed to never have attraction for her, always saw her as a sister, didn’t want to hangout with her much because he sensed she liked him as more, and claimed he didn’t see her much. I knew in my heart it couldn’t be true because she would send me snapchats, pictures of them together constantly. I found myself getting nauseous over this. It was almost as if I was stuck in a 3 way relationship because Meghan and I would pray for each other, talk through social media and text messaging. We both felt in our hearts we needed to talk. I guess it was the holy spirit always at work in us but at times I felt as if it was a “fake” friendship.

In June, 2016, Nick began talking about Meghan to me and he did the same to her about me. We slowly figured out he wasn’t a true friend.

The night I wrote “You Are Not Alone” I called Meghan via FaceTime. I had a burden in my heart that I needed Jesus to heal. I heard Him say “Cast all your cares to me. Call Meghan and tell her everything you feel.” So I did. I admitted my bitterness, embarrassment, and resentment towards her. I admitted that I felt like she took my best friend away from me. She forgave me. Instantly I felt the love of Christ that night. I heard the Lord say “I love you.” I realized that God was the only person I needed in my life.

A week went by. During this week the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to a deeper love and clarity. I realized that Nick had been preaching false doctrine. I finally realized how much the Lord loved me and everyone in the world. Our God is not a hateful God! Hallelujah!

On that Thursday, I received a long text message from Meghan stating that she and Nick became closer than they ever intended. That they had a spiritual encounter that they were meant to marry each other. Although Meghan felt I would be upset, I was genuinely happy. Maybe I was happy for the fact I didn’t have to deal with it anymore…I didn’t have anxiety for once in my life because that man was out of my life for good.

As this week goes by Nick calls me to tell me how he doesn’t feel he’s making the right decision. He doesn’t like Meghan as more than friends, etc. As I was talking to him on the phone something didn’t feel right. I made an excuse and hung up the phone. I continued to pray for Him and felt in my heart to pray for Meghan even harder than I had before.

Meghan and Nick broke up. I could see she was upset over social media. I continued to text her to let her know I was there for her. She drove down to her parents house (1 hour away from my house). The Holy Spirit led me to meet up with her that night. Before we met the Lord placed in my heart peace and contentment. I didn’t know what this girl was about to say or how she was feeling…So I was a little nervous but I trusted things would work out fine because the Lord is with us. I heard the Holy Spirit tell me “It’s time” So I was ready to tell her the truth and nothing but the truth.

When we met up the whole truth came out. Nick had lied and deceived the both of us. We drove 3 hours to confront him. We needed to do this. On our way up we had an encounter with the Holy Spirit. We felt a heat wave (when the air conditioning was on), our body became numb, we cried, had chills, and I felt a presence on top of my head. It was the most indescribable feeling of my life. From that point on my knowledge and understanding of scripture has been clear as day. The Holy Spirit told Meghan that our lives are changed and that we will be best friends for the rest of our lives.

From that moment on, we HAVE been best friends.

I have had 2 encounters with the Holy Spirit. He told me I’m meant to evangelize.

Within this time Meghan told me I’m meant to live in Traverse city…I didn’t want to believe it because of the job I had at the moment and everything going on seemed to be perfecting flowing. I then heard “If you want to work for me you can’t be comfortable.”

From that statement alone, the rest is history. I’m moving in with Meghan this Thursday. We are going to start our ministry studies at global university. I have 2 jobs in Traverse City waiting for me. I have a church that is devoted to missions which I’m going to get involved in with her. I have a sister the Lord has blessed me greatly with. Although I’m missing great detail I’m utterly mind blown about how the Lord brought my best friend into my life. He speaks to the both of us on a spiritual connection that we thought we were both getting with our “Friend”, Nick. He has blessed us with more than we could have ever imagined. He is good ALL the time.

I move in 4 days. For once in my life I’m at peace. I’m not stressing, I don’t have anxiety, and I’m not worried. The Lord is at complete control. I surrender my LIFE to Him. Stay tuned to see where the Lord leads me and my sister, Meghan!



“Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” James 5:16  




7 thoughts on “My Life Is Changed

  1. Lesa Rose

    What a story and moving of the Holy spirit in your life. It’s amazing when we listen to the Lord what he says. I look forward to hearing the rest of your story. I will be saying a prayer for the both of you. God is good.


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