God Saved Our Lives at Pictured Rocks

The Lord has been on the MOVE!

The day I moved into Meghan’s apartment we set off on a camping trip we planned for several months. In our original plans Nick was the one who was going to take us. The night our friendship began we planned to go on this camping trip on our own (Read previous post). The Holy Spirit told us something big was going to happen on this trip. We knew we wanted to go up to Pictured Rocks in the Upper Peninsula but something told us not to plan. All we brought with us was water, granola bars, apples, gatorade, a sweatshirt, sleeping bags, and a tent. The Holy Spirit told us He was going to guide us in every step we took. We had absolutely no worries.

We left the apartment at 11pm and arrived at the campsite parking lot at 5am. Meghan drove the whole time and managed to survive off coffee. I slept for a few hours. As we parked our car we instantly put our backpacks on our shoulders, looked at a map, and headed off on the trail.

The funny thing is Meghan said it’s usually a really busy place. There were only about 3 other cars parked. We had the whole trail to ourselves. As we enjoyed the view and our alone time with Jesus we stopped to pick up a leaf. We asked God if nature could talk to us. The unique veins on the leaf spoke to us saying “they’re living” if they’re living they can speak. Eventually we realized the whole forest was glowing. We were so high on the spirit we felt as if we were in heaven. We barely had any sleep yet we were climbing huge slopes, dunes, and rocks. We asked Jesus to give us flowers and we asked Jesus to give us revelation on this trip. 

We realized we forgot our lighter for the fire. I said “Someone’s going to help us with a fire tonight.”

Four hours later we come across the beautiful coves. This area of Pictured Rocks literally looked like a caribbean getaway. We decided to place our tent there. We enjoyed the presence of God as we swam, ate, read the word, and even took a nap under the coves. The Lord was so good to us that day. We found flowers in sand. Beautiful purple flowers.

As the sunset Meghan and I sat on the coves listening to the water and enjoying the peaceful view. We talked about life and what God has in store for us. The presence was so strong the Holy Spirit was talking to us and through us. The Holy Spirit told us the next time we visit this place our husbands will be with us…taking a picture of us in front of the sunset. It was the most amazing experience. The Lord put a vision of what our husbands would look like in Meghan’s eyes. Our future was so bright we could sense and see it. We knew everything was going to workout even though we couldn’t see anything. We prayed for God to give us revelation and to stir our lives completely for His glory.

Meghan picked up my phone and began to take a video of the sunset. She put the phone down but something told me to pick it up and watch it. I saw an unusual orb flying around…I knew in my heart it wasn’t just the sun’s reflection. It was flying everywhere. I showed Meghan and took a few more videos. I heard the orb tell me to look at the sun. Meghan and I glimpsed at the sun… we could see right through it. It is absolutely impossible to stare at the sun…we were. We saw what looked like a portal to heaven as if we could instantly grab it with our fingertips. We then saw angels jumping around dancing and holding hands. We saw golden gates, everything was gold. There was a huge bridge bricked with gold. It was the most glorious thing I’ve ever seen. When the sun set there was light, it lit up the whole sky. We then saw Jesus sitting on a huge throne. It began to disappear as I heard the Holy Spirit tell me “I have so much stored up here for you but it isn’t your time yet. We have to go but this is temporary”.

The sky was dark. The moon lit up the sky with a few stars next to it. We went back into our tent to read the word. As we were reading our lives changed.

A man came up to our tent. He asked us for water and began telling us that he lost track of the time. His name was lee. Lee told us he was from lansing and asked us a few questions like “Do you have a permit?” and where we were from. We told him where we were from and gave him the last of our water. He said he was going to find his friends.

A few moments later something didn’t feel right. I tried to fall asleep but I was anxious. I heard the Holy Spirit tell me that we need to keep moving. I was questioning it. “Why?! It’s so dark and the car is so far! How will we get there?!” Meghan turned to me as these questions were popping up in my head.

Meghan: “The waves are getting pretty loud.”

Me: “Yeah. They are.”

Meghan: “Barbara, I don’t think we’re supposed to stay here.”

All of a sudden we heard the most clear wave hit the cove saying “MOVE” I will NEVER forget how I heard the wind and the waves speak to us that night.

We instantly moved. We began putting on our sweatshirts and stuffing everything into our backpacks. We even stuffed the tent into a bag. We left things that didn’t matter. With the help of angels we packed our bags in less than 10 minutes. It was unreal.

As we turned on our flashlights from our iPhones Meghan said “I’ll tell you why we need to move when we get to the car but we need to MOVE FAST.”

I began walking and heard “Lee” then I visioned our campsite full of blood. Blood was EVERYWHERE. I KNEW Lee was sending people to hurt us. At the moment I saw the blood Meghan said “The Holy Spirit told me to tell you to focus on Jesus, Barbara.” I was amazed and knew that this whole thing was real at this point. Our lives were in danger. This was my worst fear becoming reality. We were power walking up huge slopes. All of a sudden we approach a huge flight of stairs. I was in the front and Meghan was following me behind. I was struggling but her backpack literally pulled me forward. As this was happening she heard voices behind her. The Holy Spirit told her not to look back and if she did it was going to be over. My soul was screaming but my body was calm. It was the most surreal moment of my life.

Meghan began panicking telling me to try calling 911 but of course there wasn’t any signal out there and no one would have been able to find us in time. We felt trapped and hopeless but we knew somehow someway God was going to guide us.

Just as we got up the flight of stairs I smelled a camp fire. We saw to our left a family sitting by a campfire. We instantly ran towards them. As we did the Holy Spirit told me that they were family. I instantly felt safe and secure. There were two men, about four children, and two women. They said that we were safe with them then they began helping us put our tent back up. They offered us food and water. Funny enough we found out they were strong christians. HALLELUJAH! ABBA!! We were in such shock and amaze at everything.

Meghan looked at me in the tent that night before we fell asleep “Barbara, God guided us to a fire tonight.” 

The Lord, Jesus Christ, God himself saved us that night. We put all of our trust in Him. He held our lives in His hands. I will never forget this night. It sure reminds me to be grateful for where I live. We could be in a country like Iraq where christians fight and hide for their lives every single day! I forever pray for those in danger. Father, you are good ALL THE TIME.



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