All Things New

It was a long two weeks. I’m finally on track and ready to make money! I moved without knowing how much money the Lord was going to provide. I left my comfortable life living as a dental assistant with extra cash in the bank to do whatever I wanted. I gave up everything trusting in what the Lord had planned for me. I got a job at the Great Wolf lodge, Grand Traverse Resort, and a Nanny position for a lovely family. The Lord has blessed me with a nanny job that pays the exact same amount as the dental office paid me. I decided to leave the Great Wolf Lodge because it didn’t seem right to me. I am starting at the Grand Traverse Resort this week as a server. I’m completely excited to see who I’m going to run into and what conversations I’ll be having.

Throughout this journey I have already realized that God will take care of you! He will provide every need…you just have to trust in Him.

Please join me in prayer as I begin my new life!

love always- B


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